My Real World Branding with SharePoint 2010 MSDN Article has been Released 2

Last month, an article I worked on for MSDN with Andrew Connell was published. It is a refresh of a SharePoint 2007 article we wrote that includes a sample master page for the fictitious Adventure Works Travel company. I’m pretty excited that we had the opportunity to write this article. I think it is a great introduction to the topic of planning, creating, and properly packaging and deploying a heavily stylized public facing SharePoint 2010 site.

Adventure Works Travel site branding

You can read the MSDN article now at

2 thoughts on “My Real World Branding with SharePoint 2010 MSDN Article has been Released

  1. Reply VijayKumar Yadavalli Feb 9,2011 3:49 pm

    Randy I read&tried your MSDN article (Thanks for such a nice article) and it’s looks nice when I have small content. But when I have wider data, it shows multiple scroll bars.This is not looking good and not user friendly as user has to vertically scroll down and then select horizontal scroll bar to see the data. Is there any way to handle the wider content?
    Please check the following link (My Blog) to see the screenshots which i am talking about.

    Thanks once again
    VijayKumar Yadavalli

  2. Reply Anjey Mar 24,2011 4:00 am

    Thank you for very good info. I ordered “SharePoint Branding” but don’t receive it yet.

    I known SharePoint have some ways to realise multilanguages sites. But all resources in Internet tells about resorce files – this isn’t good idea for web site.

    It will be helpfull known your opinion about best way to develop multilangue site in Foundation 2010. How to realise language switcher? How to substitute content?

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