Microsoft’s Live Writer is pretty hot 2

See my previous post where I tested posting to Google’s Blogger service. I think its actually easier to blog from Live Writer to Blogger than to use Google’s own web interface, which is both sad (for Google who is usually top notch) and awesome (for Microsoft for supporting several blogging services).

VisiFire Open Source Silverlight Charting in SharePoint 10

I was doing some research on Silverlight charting solutions for SharePoint when I stumbled across VisiFire an open source self contained charting solution built with Silverlight. If you haven’t seen VisiFire before, it’s worth checking out, their gallery page shows a number of really slick animated charts that are dead simple to use with XML data (without writing any Silverlight code). Also, I’m not sure what rock I was under when the SharePoint Designer team posted this blog entry on integrating the Data View Web Part with VisiFire using XSLT. Their example uses the 1.0 version of VisiFire, so I decided to do a little poking around to see if I could get the 2.0.9 Beta version (hopefully my XSLT will also work when the official 2.0 version is released). Here are instructions for getting it to work in SharePoint (influenced HEAVILY by the original post by the SharePoint Designer Team: Download the 2.0.9 Beta ...