Fix for Photoshop Save for Web color shift problems 3

I’ve had a lot of problems lately with Save for Web producing colors that are slightly different than my source PSD. After finally losing my mind I set out to find a solution. The most direct discussion about the issue I could find was at The gist of the article discusses doing these three things: Close anything that is open in Photoshop and click Edit > Color Settings. From there switch the color profile to Monitor Color and uncheck Ask When Opening. Click View > Proof Setup > Monitor RGB Now when clicking Save for Web, uncheck Convert to sRGB. This item may be a check box or underneath the little arrow on the top right depending on Photoshop version   For me, these changes did the trick, now my gifs and jpgs are as close to the original as my compression settings will allow. MUCH more discussion in the comments here:

Firefox doesn’t respond to Enter Key in SharePoint Search Box 7

Stumbled across a funny little problem with SharePoint and Firefox today. Turns out that with some master pages, Firefox has a problem responding to the “enter key” when using the SearchBoxEx control. In these cases, hitting enter just refreshes the page. I only noticed it because a recent client wanted to hide the Search button. So, it turns out that this problem is actually solved in default.master where Microsoft use two unassuming lines of uncommented code: <input type="text" name="__spDummyText1" style="display:none;" size=1/> <input type="text" name="__spDummyText2" style="display:none;" size=1/> All you have to do is add these two lines to your custom master page anywhere before the final tag. Thanks to SteveNG for the blog post that solved this for me.

Slides and code from my branding presentation at SPTechCon

John Ross and I presented “Demystifying SharePoint Branding” as a half day presentation for SPTechCon Boston 2009 yesterday. We had a great turnout and hopefully everyone got a good introduction to the SharePoint branding process. The slides and the code samples are available here: Branding Demystified Slides – SPTechCon Boston 2009 Branding Demystified Code Samples – SPTechCon Boston 2009

Edit in Datasheet causes IE to crash – Problem Solved 3

Ran into a very strange “perfect storm” type of error in SharePoint tonight. When a custom master page is applied, editing a list in Datasheet View causes IE to just hang. The thread goes bananas and you have to fight with Task Manager to kill the process. I’m not sure I completely understand WHY this problem occurs, but I do have a pretty good idea how to fix it. Turns out you won’t see the problem unless some very specific scenarios are in place. If the custom master page has a DocType declared (which they all should) AND the parent HTML objects that contain PlaceHolderMain have ANY bottom padding applied OR there are any elements below the PlaceHolderMain inside of the same parent object (like a footer or Table cells) then for whatever reason the JavaScript that runs the Datasheet View gets confused and jumps into an infinite loop. If you run into this problem, ...

What’s New in the OOTB Master Pages for SP2 of SharePoint

If you live under a rock you may have missed all the news lately about the release of Service Pack 2 for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSS) and Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) (more info on SP2 here). Among the listed updates is this note: “The 2007 Office Suite SP2 has been tested and is supported for Internet Explorer 8”. I figured I would fire up a VM and compare the OOTB master pages (both source and output) between the pre and post SP2. Here are the results: default.master – Source unchanged blueband.master – Source gains: which will help force IE8 to render the page in IE7 mode. Note, if you manually force IE8 to render in IE8 mode the navigation still has issues displaying. For more info, see my previous post about IE8 and SharePoint.   default.master & blueband.master rendered page – They both gain an inline style for the Global Links section:    ...

Using the XML Web Part to show your Twitter feed in SharePoint 10

I have put together a quick and dirty example of using the XML Web Part to display and style your Twitter RSS feed in a SharePoint page. 100% of the work is done in XSLT, all you have to do is: Add an XML Web Part to your page:     Then for the XML Link add the RSS feed for your Twitter updates, the link for this can be found on the bottom right of your Twitter home page:   Just right click on the RSS feed and copy and paste the the URL into the XSL Link field of the XML Web Part. (mine is   Next, click the XSL Editor button and paste in the following XSLT code:                                                                              After you click OK and Apply your changes you should see your tweets styled in the XML Web Part:   You ...

What you should do when Microsoft pushes the Automatic Update to IE8 1

Microsoft has finally announced that they will be pushing automatic updates to IE8 for PC’s that are currently running IE6 or IE7 (more info here). This is great news, as I had a very long winded post already typed out (but not published) entitled “IE6 Needs to Die (or why IE8 makes me sad)”. I won’t go into great detail about the post now that I see Microsoft is being proactive with trying to upgrade older Internet Explorers. I do have a helpful graphic for people that will be seeing the new Update to IE8 welcome screen. If you have any doubts about what to do on this screen follow my expertly crafted graphic instructions: I know some folks are on intranets that have requirements for older versions of Internet Explorer, but I implore you to consider clicking the button. Here is some info from my unpublished rant: “Now that IE8 has been released, something ...

Upcoming SharePoint911 Training

Just a quick note to point out some upcoming training in Cincinnati, OH. On July 2nd, SharePoint911 will be offering a SharePoint Planning and Governance class as well as a Business Users Guide to SharePoint Server 2007. SharePoint911 Training

Problems with IE8 Standards Mode, SharePoint menus, and DocTypes 11

With the official release of Internet Explorer 8, many people are starting to test their custom SharePoint branding in the new browser. IE8 is an interesting animal in that it decides its rendering engine based on certain criteria in your code (in SharePoint’s case, the master page): If IE8 sees a valid DocType declared it will attempt to render a site in IE8 Standards Mode. If IE8 does not see a DocType it will attempt to render a site in quirks mode (otherwise known as pre IE7 rendering mode).   One nice thing about IE8 is that it includes Developer Tools (click Tools > Developer Tools) which will actually show you which rendering mode is currently being used (the last tab at the top of the Developer Tools window). You can also use this tab to test the other rendering modes, selecting them and observing the result in the refreshed window. Now, on to the ...

Microsoft released 10 new SharePoint themes (Updated with Screenshots and WSP) 16

These new themes are pretty darn good, I especially like “Construction”, “Contoso”, and “OARP”. I could see them being changed up and used for a lot of company intranets. I do wish they would have packaged them as a WSP or something rather than just give us a solution file and have us make one ourselves.Download them from MicrosoftUPDATE: Daniel Brown made a WSP for easy installationHere is a screenshot of all of new themes at once and then each one individually full sized. Click for larger versions: