Favicon’s in a SharePoint Master Page

My buddy John Ross had asked me if I knew anything about adding Favicons to SharePoint branding, so this post is for him. He pointed me to this post on MindSharp Blogs. This method didn’t work for him when he tried it so was wondering how I did one for a project we worked on. I think the method in that post technically should work as IIS will pickup favicons that are in your IIS root, but I think SharePoint may be blocking access in some instances. For me, in traditional html, I have always preferred to call out favicons specifically with a tag in the html this way I ensure that my code, not the server, is handling the file. So now, how do you do this in SharePoint? Here are my steps Drag a favicon.ico file to the Images directory of your MOSS site with SharePoint designer. I have created a simple favicon.ico ...

Mossman’s Weather Web Part

I recently created a simple weather web part to enter into Iain Munro’s content editor web part contest. Actually, I created two, one using the US National Weather service feeds which don’t seem to have restrictions on usage, and one that worked with Yahoo weather which has some restrictions on for-profit usage. Iain wanted the Yahoo one because it supports other countries other than the US, but there seems to be some stability issues with the Yahoo Weather RSS feed, where sometimes it doesn’t send the full data (has anyone else experienced this?). So for now, I will just post the National Weather service one. To use it, add the web part to your page and to change the city listed, just modify the shared web part and edit the XML Link to reflect one of the XML URLs listed at this url: http://www.weather.gov/data/current_obs/seek.php?state=fl&Find=Find Download the Web Part here: CurrentWeather_WebPart.zip  

Update to my SharePoint Name.dll ActiveX Fix

Dave Ginn recently tried out my name.dll fix (read more about it in my previous post) and ran into a problem with some users not being able to access the Site Actions menu. Personally, I have deployed the code to several external MOSS sites and not run into the problem. Let me know in the comments if you have used my fix code successfully or not, as I’m trying to determine what sort of setup causes it to occur. Note: Dave fixed his problem with some code modifications and posted it to his site. I may end up rolling this code back into my source here at this blog.

Microsoft Revamping Virtualization Strategy

According to the news wire, Microsoft is embracing virtualization full force in the coming months. This is great news for us SharePoint developers as we live in VM’s. Heres some quotes from the blurb: Microsoft also said it will expand an alliance with another virtual desktop computing company, Citrix Systems Inc., that will help their respective products work well together. Redmond-based Microsoft also announced it will cut the cost of licensing Windows for use on virtual machines to $23 from $78 per year for its big business customers. Microsoft Takes Virtual Step Forward

SharePoint Designer SP1 Released 6

I don’t normally like to repost stuff to death, but something that could be missed in the flurry of Office service pack 1’s that have been released today is the SPD SP1 release. I just installed it in my local SharePoint Designer instance and so far I haven’t had any problems (though I admittedly haven’t put it through the paces yet). It seems slightly more responsive though that may be just a placebo affect. If you have any remarkable positive or negative upgrade outcomes, post a reply here. Link to the SharePoint Designer SP1 Download for the lazy

Redirect: Upgrade 2010 Master Page

Lost Another One to Ditec (or should I say Apple)

The Mossman was swayed by the Mac store inside the Best Buy and is now the owner of a Macbook Pro. Don’t worry too much though as I’ve done the Boot Camp thing and installed Vista! It works really great and runs Vista surprisingly well. You can see from the photo that I got a Vista Experience rating of 4.8 and this is the low end Macbook Pro: I’ll post here if I have any problems living my Microsoft existence in a Mac world.

SharePoint 2007 Predicted by “Joel on Software” Back in 2004?

I was wikipedia’ing the word “Portal” today at work and stumbled across an interesting article from Joel on Software (if you have never read his blog, you might as well read up… because it full of pure gold) on how Microsoft has “Lost the API War”… written in 2004. Its interesting to see his points in this article and how they parallel with what Microsoft has done with SharePoint 2007. From what I can tell, he was “dead on” and Microsoft (despite being accused of often times being slow to market) was able to notice the same trends and create a viable contender for continuing its domination over the API through SharePoint 2007 and the web. If you don’t feel like reading the whole post I’ll sum it up with a quote: “None of this bodes well for Microsoft and the profits it enjoyed thanks to its API power. The new API is HTML, and ...

Using Firebug to Manage CSS Effectively

I often talk about the benefits of using Firebug for Firefox in the MSDN Design and Customization Forums. Rather than try to type out a long winded article on why it rules, I found a video that should help to convince non believers that it is truly superior to the IE Developers Toolbar: Firebug 1.0 Beta Screencast by Jesse Newland  Takes a little bit of time to download the video, but its worth it.

Fixing the name.dll ActiveX Problem the Mossman Way 5

UPDATE: Are you using SharePoint 2010? See my newer post about the name ActiveX message in SharePoint 2010. Have you seen this message on public facing SharePoint sites: The Web site wants to run the following add-on: ‘Name ActiveX Control’ from ‘Microsoft Corporation’. If you trust the Web site and the add-on and want to allow it to run, click here… For an example of one (at least until they fix it), check out: http://www.viacom.com/pages/default.aspx There are quite a few nice examples of internet facing SharePoint 2007 sites on the interwebs these days, however many of them seem to be plagued by this minor annoyance that seems to have slipped through the Microsoft cracks. The problem is compounded by the fact that most developers won’t even notice the issue until their portal is available to internet users. This is due to the fact that the problem is seen only in Internet Explorer 7 and only ...