Creating Mobile User Interfaces for SharePoint 2013 3

The following is a re-post of an article I wrote for the Because of SharePoint’s prominent role for both corporate intranets and public facing internet sites, there is often a strong push to have SharePoint serve information in a mobile friendly layout. There are several ways to approach this topic in SharePoint 2013. First, because SharePoint 2013 supports modern browsers, you could look at the modern techniques of responsive web design (RWD). Another option, is to use some of the new features that Microsoft has provided with SharePoint Server 2013, specifically device channels. In this post, we will look at some of the pros and cons to these options. Responsive Web Design RWD is the idea that one design can be applied to a web site and this design will respond to the device that is loading the page and adjust the layout to match various features of the browser like height, width, resolution, and ...

SPTechWeb Article: Shaping up images in SharePoint 2013

My latest article about image renditions in SharePoint 2013 is up at SPTechWeb. I cover the basics of turning on blob caching, adding a new image rendition size, cropping an image rendition, and changing the size of an image when it’s been added to a page. Shaping up images in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 Basic Search Center Branding Problem 3

SharePoint 2013 Basic Search Center Branding Problem
So, I had thought we were in the clear from the old 2010 Search Center branding disaster. For the most part custom branding applies pretty easily to search sites in SharePoint 2013 thanks to the fact that it just uses the default Seattle.master for search branding. However there is a gotcha, specifically related to the Basic Search Center template. I think the problem is only this one template, but maybe there are other areas affected. I tested the Enterprise Search Center and the default search and neither had issues. Basically what happens is when you are creating your custom branding, chances are you will be applying a customized master page (one that is edited with a mapped drive or SharePoint Designer), and the Basic Search Center uses a snippet of code block to try to hide the ribbon when the Web Part management panel is up (I have no idea why this was so important ...

Starter Master Pages Update v1.3 7

Over the weekend I pushed out a small but important update to my starter master pages. When I originally created the starter master pages I used both the Design Manager feature as well as Seattle and Oslo to decide the best place to put things in the master page. There was a discrepancy between where the Design Manager and the default master pages placed the SPWebPartManager control. Turns out the Design Manager puts this control in the <head> section which is incorrect, it should be in the <body>. Having the control load before the <body> caused a host of mysterious problems so I have moved it to the body and I urge everyone to follow suit. UPDATE: All of my starter master pages can now be found here:

Sticky Footers in SharePoint 12

I get this question a lot these days: “How can I add a sticky footer to the bottom of SharePoint”. So much so that I decided I need to have a blog post that points to my solution to the problem. First, what it a sticky footer? I consider this to be a footer at the bottom of a page that stays “stuck” to the bottom of the browser window ONLY if the page content does not fill up the full page. If you want a footer that sticks to the bottom without considering the page content, you can easily float one above the content always stuck to the bottom with just absolute CSS positioning. How do I solve it. There are many ways this problem could be solved ranging from intelligent HTML and CSS creation to jQuery based solutions. I am leaning towards a jQuery based solution because often with SharePoint you don’t have ...

Design Manager Bug – SharePoint 2013 RTM 15

Ran into an interesting little bug this past week with SharePoint 2013 Design Manager master pages. After having a friend recreate the issue on her VM, I contacted the Microsoft product team and confirmed this is an issue they hope to solve with a future update. Essentially, if you create a master page with the Design Manager, whether a minimal master or one that has been converted from HTML and CSS, the Site Contents > Add an app page will not allow you to add apps or lists to your site. This issue also impact the out of the box Oslo master page. Here is what you should see when you go to the Add an App page: With this bug you end up never seeing the Apps you can add section. Sometimes you will see the “Working on it…” message and other times you will just see the Noteworthy apps. The key to fixing ...

SharePoint 2013 Starter Master Pages – Beta Release 12

So, I’ve been quiet lately, but it hasn’t been for lack of work on SharePoint 2013… I have a Halloween treat for everyone! A new release of my Starter Master Pages for SharePoint 2013. These will work with the RTM release of SharePoint Foundation and Server 2013, but please consider them beta at this point at least until I get some initial feedback from the community. UPDATE: All of my starter master pages can now be found here: Here is a quick FAQ about this release: Why do we need starter master pages now that SharePoint Server 2013 includes the design manager with the ability to create minimal master pages and convert HTML designs into functioning master pages? Great question, here are a few things that come to mind: The Design Manager is a feature that is only available with the for pay SharePoint Server license through the publishing feature (also available in SharePoint Online ...

Top 6 New Features for Designers in SharePoint 2013 12

As you probably know the SharePoint 2013 Public Preview was released this week and I’m sure all the designers out there want to know what’s new for branding? Well, you will be interested to know that making SharePoint design easier was a key goal for this version of SharePoint. Does that mean that all my professional branding peers are out of work now? Let’s check out what’s new and then revisit that question. Be sure to scan down the page, I save the most interesting for last (sort of like a David Letterman Top 10 list!). 6 – Managed Navigation – SharePoint navigation now has two different options: the old way, now known as Structured Navigation and the new way which is known as Managed Navigation. This new method of navigation uses a Managed Metadata term set to populate the navigation control with items. The new method is more flexible and allows for some interesting ...

SharePoint Saturday Orlando Registrations are Open

  We have opened up registration for the first ever SharePoint Saturday in Orlando, Saturday, June 9th, 2012. The event is free but seats are going quickly… we have given out about half of them already! If you are interested in attending please fill out our Eventbrite form so that we can make sure there is a spot for you!   Here is the registration link:   And here is the event website:   Location: ITT Technical Institute Suite 100 8301 Southpark Cir Orlando, FL 32819 Google Map

SPTechWeb Article: Customizing SharePoint 2010 My Sites Navigation

Just wanted to put up a quick post pointing folks to my latest article about My Sites Navigation that is up at SPTechWeb. I cover the basics of changing the navigation as well as how you can manipulate the HTML and controls that live in the My Sites top bar. Customizing SharePoint 2010 My Sites Navigation