TechEd 2009 Moving Back to Single Week Format

For those of you that aren’t doing the Twitter thing, I just saw Andew Connell tweet about his happiness in learning that TechEd 2009 will be moving away from the two week, two track setup that they had in 2008. Most of the folks I spoke with at TechEd 2008 were pretty bummed that they had to pick between a Developer week and an IT Professional week. I think this was also hurt by the fact that presenters often had to choose a track to focus on. So hopefully everyone will be excited to hear the news that it will be one combined week again! More info at the top of this page at

Extremely helpful hidden web part menu (browse, import, search) 1

Just when you think you have learned everything there is to know about a certain aspect of SharePoint, someone will casually mention something that you have never seen before. This was the case for me, when Ted Pattison pointed out a well hidden menu that adds some interesting features to the Advanced Web Part Gallery from the SharePoint web UI. To see it simply bring up the Advanced Web Part Gallery, and click the Browse bar at the top: I never even realized this was clickable before, but it brings up the ability to Search for web parts or to Import them (the default view is Browse which is the one you are used to). When you switch it to Search, you will see the following: This allows you to search for web parts, which is nice because sometimes they can hide in the gallery (at least they seem to for me). The other option ...

The Content Query Web Part is everyones favorite web part!

Well, at least according to all 30 of you that voted. An earth shattering 46% prefer it to the others! Here were the results: Content Editor WP 9 (30%) Data View WP 6 (20%) Content Query WP 14 (46%) XML WP 1 (3%) RSS Viewer WP 0 (0%) Image WP 0 (0%) Other 0 (0%)

SharePoint 2007 and Search Server 2008 Book Giveaway

Shane Young is having a drawing to give away copies of his latest book “SharePoint 2007 and Search Server 2008“. All you have to do is send an email to “freebook at SharePoint911 dot com” before midnight (Eastern time) on 10/15/2008 to be entered in the drawing. (US residents only). Original Post

Big Silverlight News on Monday?

Seems like Microsoft has a big virtual conference scheduled for Monday: My guess is Silverlight 2.0 being officially released. Good thing they didn’t wait until Tuesday when Apple has some big press release scheduled (new macbooks?).

What Does Branding Mean? 3

A friend of mine asked me today to define the word “branding” for them. Like any good friend the first thing I did was Google the topic. I stumbled across this image from Quick Sprout describing the difference between Marketing, PR, Advertising, and Branding: I think it pretty much sums up everything that needs to be said. My friend wasn’t very happy with that answer, so I gave him my own answers as they relate to branding in general as well as branding for the web / SharePoint: General Branding: The act of building a specific image that people identify with your company. Web/SharePoint Branding: The colors, fonts, logos, and supporting graphics that make up the general look and feel of a corporate website. Those are my definitions… what does branding mean to you?

New Book: Professional SharePoint 2007 Design 4

I blogged not too long ago that I was working on book specifically for people interested in SharePoint branding and UI. Well after a lot of hours of work, the book will finally be ready for purchase from Amazon next week. Here is the cover and a link to Amazon’s product page: Wrox: Professional SharePoint 2007 Design Of course, I wasn’t the only person working on this book; in fact, there were many folks that I need to thank for all of their hard work. Firstly, my co-author team including, Jacob Sanford, David Drinkwine, and Coskun Cavusoglu for putting in all the long hours with me. Secondly, the team at Wrox that helped make the book a reality including Kelly Talbot, Katie Mohr, and Daniel Scribner. Also, I need to thank our technical editors Andrew Connell and Doug Holland. Along with those listed above that helped produce the book, I also need to give a ...

Nik’s 15 Minutes of Fame

My good pal Nik Molnar recently moved up the NYC, and was a guest on the .Net Rocks internet radio show. He’s mostly at the beginning just shooting the poop with the host, but its still pretty cool.

Minimal Meeting Workspace Master Page 3

I had to do some customization work with the Meeting Workspace today so I decided to pull my best Heather Solomon impersonation by releasing a “Minimal Meeting Workspace master page”. It is very much based on Heather’s minimal collaboration master page with my own twist on tabbing and comments, and of course the required pieces to work with the Meeting Workspace. This is very much an early alpha as its only been tested in my VM so far. So if you use it, please shoot me an email or comment (whether it worked or didn’t!). Grab my Minimal Meeting Workspace master page FYI – Customizing the Meeting Workspace can be challenging, see both Heather and Eric Shupp’s articles on the topic, they cover all of the nasty details so why re-hash them here: Meeting Workspace Master Page Woes – Heather Solomon Creating a Custom Meeting Workspace Site Definition – Eric Shupps Also, if you aren’t ...

Big Changes for the Mossman (Plus a New SP Book) 2

July 4th 2008 was Mossman independence day, in that I have left my cubicle job at a large consulting firm and have begun working with a few small dedicated SharePoint consulting companies. I will be focused on helping them with their MOSS branding efforts. Also, in the coming days/weeks I will be removing the veil of secrecy surrounding my true identity. Truth is, the only reason I started this pseudonym was because I was never sure what my employers policy on work blogging was. In related news I have a book coming out in September with Wrox entitled “Professional SharePoint 2007 Design”. This book will be focused on just the design and branding process with SharePoint. The Amazon page for the book lists my true identity (and a photo of my face!). Can anyone guess which author I am? Wrox: Professional SharePoint 2007 Design