Project Rosetta

We all know that Silverlight is essentially Microsoft’s attempt at making a Flash killer (to me its more of a Flex killer, but that’s neither here or there). I’ve been saying for a while that Microsoft should be speaking to us Actionscript programmers a little more passionately than they have been and it looks like Microsoft is finally doing that. Project Rosetta is a series of articles aimed at folks with Flash experience specifically for ramping them up on Silverlight. Personally, I hope they post some stuff on Silverlight from a Flex perspective, but this is a great start. Project Rosetta

Running Photoshop CS3 on Windows 2003 1

If you have ever tried to install Photoshop on a Windows Server machine you may have seen a warning that refuses to install on anything but Vista or XPsp2. I’m sure this is massively unsupported; But if you have a temporary need, its a passable solution: Browse to: Adobe CS3\Photoshop\Adobe CS3\payloads\AdobePhotoshop10en_US_volume\AdobePhotoshop10en_US_volume.proxy.xml Edit in notepad and find “Server2003” Change “Server2003”:{“Exclude”:true} to “Server2003”:{“Require”:true} Save the file Re-run Setup.exe You should now be able to install the software, I’m sure some things will work poorly, but this is the price you pay.

Big Changes for the Mossman (Plus a New SP Book) 2

July 4th 2008 was Mossman independence day, in that I have left my cubicle job at a large consulting firm and have begun working with a few small dedicated SharePoint consulting companies. I will be focused on helping them with their MOSS branding efforts. Also, in the coming days/weeks I will be removing the veil of secrecy surrounding my true identity. Truth is, the only reason I started this pseudonym was because I was never sure what my employers policy on work blogging was. In related news I have a book coming out in September with Wrox entitled “Professional SharePoint 2007 Design”. This book will be focused on just the design and branding process with SharePoint. The Amazon page for the book lists my true identity (and a photo of my face!). Can anyone guess which author I am? Wrox: Professional SharePoint 2007 Design

GettyImages Moodstream

GettyImagesᅠis usingᅠFlash / Flex to make a really coolᅠ”multimedia mood ring” for lack of a better description. You click your mood from a dial selector and then random intriguing videos and images fade in and out over a soundtrack that matches. The full screen images and video have an interlaced look (i’m guessing to help with full screen performance).