Video: State of Comms Sites & UI Customization in SP Online 1

The good folks over at Collab365 have allowed me to post the video from my recent session, ‘The State of Communication Sites & UI Customization in SharePoint Online’ from November 2017.

Here is a brief description:

As Microsoft has recently rolled out the new modern communication sites to First Release tenants as well as the SharePoint Framework (SPFx), we are starting to see the future of what custom intranet portals could become. These features are a great start for modern intranets, but we are still very early in their maturity. In this session we will discuss the realities of the current state of communication sites and what options you can expect for creating custom UI now and in the near future.

#c365global17drisgill_session from Mark Jones on Vimeo.

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  1. Reply Guy Lee Feb 13,2018 2:00 pm

    Excellent video/session Randy. It really helped me in understanding which knobs we can turn with branding SharePoint Online. Looks like I’ll need to spend some time getting comfortable with SPFx Extensions.

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