Getting Started Video – SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Development 2

For the Collab365 Global Conference I did a session on getting started with client side development in the new SharePoint Framework or SPFx. The conference posted the video of the session to Youtube so I figured I’d share it here on my blog for anyone that is getting started with the SPFx Framework. The video just barely scratches the surface of the topic, but I think it does a good job of introducing you to the tools and concepts needed to get started making a hello world Web Part using the SPFx Framework. My intention was to walk you through Microsoft’s example, explaining everything along the way with the assumption that you have may only a basic understanding of traditional JavaScript development. Hopefully you find the video useful.. if so, let me know!

My Post-Ignite 2016 Report – The State of SharePoint and Office 365 1

My Post-Ignite 2016 Report – The State of SharePoint and Office 365
A couple weeks ago Microsoft had their big Ignite 2016 Conference in Atlanta and I was fortunate to be able to attend with Rackspace. I’ll blame a pesky little hurricane for the delay in me getting my thoughts out on the event until now. That being said, I feel like the conference delivered on many of the promises that Microsoft made at the Future of SharePoint event from May 4th, 2016. The May event was really Microsoft’s coming out party for the rebirth of SharePoint, effectively bringing it back from being largely ignored. While much of Ignite 2016 was focused on Office 365 (and Azure of course) it was pleasing to see that SharePoint was a topic that was on a lot of peoples lips including Microsoft’s. Unlike the previous Ignite conference where everyone was asking “Is SharePoint dead?”, I heard over and over again “SharePoint is back!”. Beyond this, while attending Ignite and watching ...

SharePoint 2016: Home of Your New Intelligent Intranet

SharePoint 2016: Home of Your New Intelligent Intranet
Note: The following blog post comes from my original post on the Rackspace blog: Released today, SharePoint 2016 is a foundational release from Microsoft that builds on the success of its cloud based Office 365 offering, extending that power into on-premises dedicated SharePoint farms. This is the first version of SharePoint to be created by Microsoft with a “cloud first” mentality meaning that it shares a common codebase with Microsoft’s Office 365 SharePoint Online product. Many of the new SharePoint features showcased today will be in Office 365’s SharePoint Online product, where they can be tested at massive scale to First Release tenants. As those features are proven out online, Microsoft will work to bring certain of those features back to on-premises SharePoint as incremental feature packs that can be turned on or off by on-premises SharePoint administrators. This new update method ensures on-premises SharePoint will continue to evolve at a much quicker pace than ...

Starter Master Pages – SharePoint 2016

Starter Master Pages - SharePoint 2016
Well it’s that time again, a new version of SharePoint is about to be released for general availability, and with that I have some new starter master pages for you to use for custom branding! If you haven’t used my starter master pages in the past, the TLDR is that they can be used to apply custom UI / branding to SharePoint sites. They make the job easier than if you just start by editing one of the default Microsoft master pages because I have spaced and tabbed them out nicely, included readable comments for what I think each section does, and stripped out any of the extraneous styling and formatting needed to support the default SharePoint layout. If you HAVE used my starter master pages in the past, a few things have changed, most importantly I’m moving them to GitHub for this release and I’m hoping everyone in the community can help test ...

SharePoint Online Doc Lib UI Update April 2016 – Impact on Custom Branding? 6

SharePoint Online Doc Lib UI Update April 2016 - Impact on Custom Branding?
As many of you may be aware, Microsoft pushed out a UI update for Document Libraries in Office 365 SharePoint Online last week. Of course my first thought is to wonder how this impacts the custom branding story. Let’s find out together! Note: I have an obnoxious theme applied with Oslo master page just to put this through the paces… no commenting on how ugly it is! First let’s look at how the new update reveals itself in SPO. I assume you need to have First Release turned on in order to even see this: Check out that snazzy banner! It’s worth noting that if you have a custom master page installed you will need to have <div id=”pageStatusBar”></div> in said master page before you will see the banner. When you click “Check it out” you will be presented with a new modern UI experience with a new clean layout and the ability to switch on a ...

A Look at the PnP Responsive UI Package for SharePoint On-Premises 6

A Look at the PnP Responsive UI Package for SharePoint On-Premises
Earlier this week the SharePoint Patterns and Practices (PnP) group released the Responsive UI Package for SharePoint on-premises – an open source solution for using client side code to easily make the on-premise SharePoint 2013 and 2016 UI more responsive for mobile devices. This could be an important open source project as making SP more responsive is a very hot topic these days (I was actually pretty surprised they didn’t include more responsive UI out-of-the-box with the beta’s of SharePoint 2016… but I digress). One important aspect of this solution is that no Master Pages are harmed by applying it; everything happens with client side JS and CSS… this is “the new hotness” as far as Microsoft is concerned when it comes to customizing / branding SharePoint in a cloud first world. As someone that spends a lot of time working on responsive web design, but not a lot of time working with Powershell and the ...