SharePoint 2013 Basic Search Center Branding Problem 3

SharePoint 2013 Basic Search Center Branding Problem
So, I had thought we were in the clear from the old 2010 Search Center branding disaster. For the most part custom branding applies pretty easily to search sites in SharePoint 2013 thanks to the fact that it just uses the default Seattle.master for search branding. However there is a gotcha, specifically related to the Basic Search Center template. I think the problem is only this one template, but maybe there are other areas affected. I tested the Enterprise Search Center and the default search and neither had issues. Basically what happens is when you are creating your custom branding, chances are you will be applying a customized master page (one that is edited with a mapped drive or SharePoint Designer), and the Basic Search Center uses a snippet of code block to try to hide the ribbon when the Web Part management panel is up (I have no idea why this was so important ...

Starter Master Pages Update v1.3 7

Over the weekend I pushed out a small but important update to my starter master pages. When I originally created the starter master pages I used both the Design Manager feature as well as Seattle and Oslo to decide the best place to put things in the master page. There was a discrepancy between where the Design Manager and the default master pages placed the SPWebPartManager control. Turns out the Design Manager puts this control in the <head> section which is incorrect, it should be in the <body>. Having the control load before the <body> caused a host of mysterious problems so I have moved it to the body and I urge everyone to follow suit. UPDATE: All of my starter master pages can now be found here:

Moved from Blogger to WordPress 4

After trying WordPress for our user group website I decided that it is a far superior blogging platform than Google’s Blogger. I’ve been meaning to move off of Blogger for a while now but was afraid of the potential hit to my Google results due to a change in URL formatting. Since coming over to Rackspace, I realized that I have access to create WordPress sites with through our cloud hosting so I decided to give it a try. I was pleased to find that there are tools for importing all my old posts and comments from Blogger to WordPress as well as settings to reformat the WordPress URL’s to match Bloggers URL format. I was then hopeful that I could make the move fairly seamlessly so I flipped the lever on Saturday evening (weekends are pretty slow for SharePoint web traffic). The first thing I noticed was that clicking on my Google results from my phone was taking me to the correct ...