Fix for Photoshop Save for Web color shift problems 3

I’ve had a lot of problems lately with Save for Web producing colors that are slightly different than my source PSD. After finally losing my mind I set out to find a solution. The most direct discussion about the issue I could find was at The gist of the article discusses doing these three things:

  1. Close anything that is open in Photoshop and click Edit > Color Settings. From there switch the color profile to Monitor Color and uncheck Ask When Opening.
  2. Click View > Proof Setup > Monitor RGB
  3. Now when clicking Save for Web, uncheck Convert to sRGB. This item may be a check box or underneath the little arrow on the top right depending on Photoshop version


For me, these changes did the trick, now my gifs and jpgs are as close to the original as my compression settings will allow.

MUCH more discussion in the comments here:

3 thoughts on “Fix for Photoshop Save for Web color shift problems

  1. Reply MClemons Aug 3,2009 6:25 pm

    nice find! implementing now!

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  3. Reply Adey Oliver Mar 6,2017 5:53 am

    For the few of you out there that this doesn’t work for, simply follow the instructions as before:

    a) but in stage 1 leave the ‘Ask When Opening’ box ticked/checked and when the 3 options are presented, click ‘Convert’.

    b) In stage 2, click on ‘View’>’Proof Setup’>’Windows RGB’ (on a windows system) or ‘Macintosh RGB’ (on a Mac).

    c) Finally in stage 3, as well as un-ticking/unchecking ‘Convert to sRGB’ also untick/uncheck ‘ICC Profile’.

    et voila….

    p.s. Do try to calibrate your monitor if possible as a ‘best practice’ kinda thing 😉

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