Slides and code from my branding presentation at SPTechCon

John Ross and I presented “Demystifying SharePoint Branding” as a half day presentation for SPTechCon Boston 2009 yesterday. We had a great turnout and hopefully everyone got a good introduction to the SharePoint branding process. The slides and the code samples are available here: Branding Demystified Slides – SPTechCon Boston 2009 Branding Demystified Code Samples – SPTechCon Boston 2009

Edit in Datasheet causes IE to crash – Problem Solved 3

Ran into a very strange “perfect storm” type of error in SharePoint tonight. When a custom master page is applied, editing a list in Datasheet View causes IE to just hang. The thread goes bananas and you have to fight with Task Manager to kill the process. I’m not sure I completely understand WHY this problem occurs, but I do have a pretty good idea how to fix it. Turns out you won’t see the problem unless some very specific scenarios are in place. If the custom master page has a DocType declared (which they all should) AND the parent HTML objects that contain PlaceHolderMain have ANY bottom padding applied OR there are any elements below the PlaceHolderMain inside of the same parent object (like a footer or Table cells) then for whatever reason the JavaScript that runs the Datasheet View gets confused and jumps into an infinite loop. If you run into this problem, ...