Microsoft’s Live Writer is pretty hot 2

See my previous post where I tested posting to Google’s Blogger service. I think its actually easier to blog from Live Writer to Blogger than to use Google’s own web interface, which is both sad (for Google who is usually top notch) and awesome (for Microsoft for supporting several blogging services).

2 thoughts on “Microsoft’s Live Writer is pretty hot

  1. Reply Harish Mathanan Feb 21,2009 7:18 pm

    Agreed, I use Live Writer as well and it’s totally awesome. It makes it so much easier to write stuff up offline as you go along. And then review them and publish when ready. I’m also impressed by the new Messenger. And I also find Office Live quite useful. I get to work from home, save and store my work, and then access it from Office Live later when and where required. So now, rather than carry around 2-3 external HDD’s and replication of work, I have the one point of access for my work stuff. Great job from Microsoft and the Live team, respect! =)

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