Adding robots.txt to SharePoint 2

Friend of mine asked me about this today and I had to look it up because its been a while since I have done anything with robots.txt. Turns out its not as easy as just adding the robots.txt file to the web server root. SharePoint likes to block access to the file, so you will need to add a managed path from Central Admin. Here are the steps: Open Central Admin and navigate to Application Management > Define Managed Paths Select your specific web application from the drop down Add a new path for /robots.txt Switch the type to Explicit inclusion Click OK Run IISREST This is all you need to do, but if you still get a permissions problem, right-click on robots.txt and give “Everyone” Read permissions to the file.

Two SharePoint design books from Wrox 2

Just wanted to make a quick post to take care of two birds with one stone: First, congrats to Woody Windischman and his co-authors for finishing their Wrox book Professional Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007. I haven’t read it yet, but I’m sure its an excellent addition to any SharePointer’s bookshelf. Second, I wanted to point out that my book has a very similar name and is also published by Wrox, its title is Professional SharePoint 2007 Design. As you can see, Woody’s book title is quite similar to mine. So whats different between the two and why did Wrox need both? I’m glad you asked. My book focuses on the actual design process for branding websites with SharePoint (which includes a chapter that discusses the product SharePoint Designer). Woody’s book on the other hand focuses entirely on the ins and outs of the SharePoint Designer product. So, which should you get if you are ...

Happy New Year – I’m now an MVP! 3

Yesterday, after partying like a rock star for New Years (actually just played Rock Band with friends), I woke up late to get the email from Microsoft that I have been awarded MVP status for SharePoint Server for 2009! I’m sure everyone is sick of reading blog posts from people that are being renewed and folks like me getting it for the first time… but none the less I felt the need to give thanks to everyone that helped me get to this point. Firstly, thanks to Shane Young and everyone at SharePoint911 for encouraging and supporting community involvement. Also, thanks to Andrew, Heather, and Ted (and probably a few others I have forgotten) for working with me on so many things throughout 2008. Lastly, thanks to my author team that helped out with the book Professional SharePoint 2007 Design. I’m thinking 2009 will be a great year… hopefully yours is great as well!