Oxite open source CMS from Microsoft

Interesting release from Microsoft’s Channel 9 Team, Oxite is an open source, standards compliant blogging and CMS engine that leverages Microsoft technologies. I wonder if this is just an experiment, or some kind of view into a potential future for WSS? CMSWire Article abotu Oxite Oxite in action at Mix

I’m an Android

While resisting the ever growing temptation to get an IPhone, I finally went and got a G1 Phone (Otherwise known as Google Android). Mainly I got it because I’m already on T-Mobile and didn’t need to extend my contract to use it (bought off of eBay). Here are my initial impressions Pro’s Hardware based keyboard is nicer than software keyboard Open source means folks can code apps that can add all sorts of features (including interfacing with the telephone itself) Android Market (their version of the App Store) is free right now and has a lot of nice apps on it UI feels very nice, much like an IPhone, better thought out than Windows Mobile (which really could use a UI refresh after all these years) Plugging it into my PC and adding and removing files (like MP3’s) is a piece of cake Was able to create a hello world app and add it to ...

New Article: SharePoint Quick Branding

I’m happy to report that an article I wrote for the SDTimes web edition was published recently. The topic of the article is a quick branding technique that uses the “Alternate CSS” capabilities of MOSS. This one isn’t for you pro SharePoint designers out there… this is for the folks that want to add some nice branding to their MOSS site as quickly and simply as possible. By using the Alternate CSS and a wide image that includes your company logo, you can accomplish a lot of design with little effort. SDTimes: Share Pointers: Quick Branding