SharePoint Name.dll ActiveX Fix has been Featurized 1

My friend Larry Riemann and I have taken my Name.DLL ActiveX Fix and turned it into a deployable Feature / Solution called SPAXO. The nice thing about SPAXO is that it will apply the fix to all pages on your site no matter what master page is applied without you having to add the Javascript code to your master page manually. We accomplish this by using the .Net HTTPModule to inject the Javascript into the page stream automagically. At this point the code is a major Use At Your Own Risk. If you are feeling daring, head over to Codeplex and give it a shot. CodePlex: SPAXO (SharePoint ActiveX Override)

Started using Twitter

Twitter is an interesting beast, I initially rejected it… but as of a few months ago I started to give it an honest look. While I don’t twitter my whole day away like some folks, I do seem to post at least once a day to it. I think its very good for posting topics that are too small or too personal for a typical blog. So, if you want to see my minor rants and personal stories, follow me at and if you want to stay focused on UI and SharePoint topics of worth (or so I hope) keep reading here at

New SharePoint tome – just in time for your holiday shopping 1

I just saw on Amazon that Wrox is putting together a “Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Wrox Box” which contains four of their best selling SharePoint 2007 books. While I doubt many folks will be plunking down the $100 for the book, I am pleased that the contents of my book, “Professional SharePoint 2007 Design” will be included with the likes of some of the best in the biz like Andrew Connell, Heather Solomon, and Shane Young (among many others).