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A friend of mine asked me today to define the word “branding” for them. Like any good friend the first thing I did was Google the topic. I stumbled across this image from Quick Sprout describing the difference between Marketing, PR, Advertising, and Branding:


I think it pretty much sums up everything that needs to be said. My friend wasn’t very happy with that answer, so I gave him my own answers as they relate to branding in general as well as branding for the web / SharePoint:

General Branding: The act of building a specific image that people identify with your company.

Web/SharePoint Branding: The colors, fonts, logos, and supporting graphics that make up the general look and feel of a corporate website.

Those are my definitions… what does branding mean to you?

3 thoughts on “What Does Branding Mean?

  1. Reply Chris Oct 7,2008 10:23 pm

    Your definition for general branding truly should apply to both, although the latter branding definition is used in practice.

    When I think “branding” SharePoint I think of building a specific image. It’s a misapplication to apply adjusting a UI to “branding”.

  2. Reply -du- Oct 7,2008 10:26 pm


    I agree with Chris in that the terminology of the latter gets mixed up in the minds of most as they think “Oh yeah, I love my Apple iPod, it has this interface and the way that they’ve done the colors, the branding is so sweet.” When in reality we look at the Apple brand and at least I think more of the idea of “well refined” and then later on look at the actual user interface (which of course has a few different definitions) and realize that it was well thought out, put together and attractive to the eye.


  3. Reply The Mossman Oct 7,2008 11:06 pm

    I definitely don’t disagree. Perhaps I am perpetuating this disconnect. But I guess what I am saying is that when people are looking to brand SharePoint, they should be thinking about these specific elements. Branding a SharePoint site, should obviously reinforce whatever branding is already driving a business.

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