New Book: Professional SharePoint 2007 Design 4

I blogged not too long ago that I was working on book specifically for people interested in SharePoint branding and UI. Well after a lot of hours of work, the book will finally be ready for purchase from Amazon next week. Here is the cover and a link to Amazon’s product page: Wrox: Professional SharePoint 2007 Design Of course, I wasn’t the only person working on this book; in fact, there were many folks that I need to thank for all of their hard work. Firstly, my co-author team including, Jacob Sanford, David Drinkwine, and Coskun Cavusoglu for putting in all the long hours with me. Secondly, the team at Wrox that helped make the book a reality including Kelly Talbot, Katie Mohr, and Daniel Scribner. Also, I need to thank our technical editors Andrew Connell and Doug Holland. Along with those listed above that helped produce the book, I also need to give a ...

Project Rosetta

We all know that Silverlight is essentially Microsoft’s attempt at making a Flash killer (to me its more of a Flex killer, but that’s neither here or there). I’ve been saying for a while that Microsoft should be speaking to us Actionscript programmers a little more passionately than they have been and it looks like Microsoft is finally doing that. Project Rosetta is a series of articles aimed at folks with Flash experience specifically for ramping them up on Silverlight. Personally, I hope they post some stuff on Silverlight from a Flex perspective, but this is a great start. Project Rosetta