Big Changes for the Mossman (Plus a New SP Book) 2

July 4th 2008 was Mossman independence day, in that I have left my cubicle job at a large consulting firm and have begun working with a few small dedicated SharePoint consulting companies. I will be focused on helping them with their MOSS branding efforts.

Also, in the coming days/weeks I will be removing the veil of secrecy surrounding my true identity. Truth is, the only reason I started this pseudonym was because I was never sure what my employers policy on work blogging was. In related news I have a book coming out in September with Wrox entitled “Professional SharePoint 2007 Design”. This book will be focused on just the design and branding process with SharePoint. The Amazon page for the book lists my true identity (and a photo of my face!). Can anyone guess which author I am?

Wrox: Professional SharePoint 2007 Design

2 thoughts on “Big Changes for the Mossman (Plus a New SP Book)

  1. Reply Anonymous Jul 7,2008 9:57 am

    I think the more important question than which author you are is who’d win in a fight between all the authors? I bet the dude with the beard has wicked bowstaff skills.

  2. Reply Lawrence Jul 13,2008 3:23 pm

    You’re second from the left. The authors are listed in the same order as the faces on the front cover I assume.

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