Lost Another One to Ditec (or should I say Apple)

The Mossman was swayed by the Mac store inside the Best Buy and is now the owner of a Macbook Pro. Don’t worry too much though as I’ve done the Boot Camp thing and installed Vista! It works really great and runs Vista surprisingly well. You can see from the photo that I got a Vista Experience rating of 4.8 and this is the low end Macbook Pro: I’ll post here if I have any problems living my Microsoft existence in a Mac world.

SharePoint 2007 Predicted by “Joel on Software” Back in 2004?

I was wikipedia’ing the word “Portal” today at work and stumbled across an interesting article from Joel on Software (if you have never read his blog, you might as well read up… because it full of pure gold) on how Microsoft has “Lost the API War”… written in 2004. Its interesting to see his points in this article and how they parallel with what Microsoft has done with SharePoint 2007. From what I can tell, he was “dead on” and Microsoft (despite being accused of often times being slow to market) was able to notice the same trends and create a viable contender for continuing its domination over the API through SharePoint 2007 and the web. If you don’t feel like reading the whole post I’ll sum it up with a quote: “None of this bodes well for Microsoft and the profits it enjoyed thanks to its API power. The new API is HTML, and ...